From Kyoto to Lucerne, skating.


I was in high school when I first admired someone playing skateboard. And I told myself, you’re too old to start for the hurts from falling. Still I found myself always attracted by the skating club training in campus when I was in university. Considering I got even older and older, I gave up this mind for ever.


Last February I went back home for my grandma’s funeral. Still unable to escape from the deep sorrow, soon I had to go back to school. My parents dropped me off at the airport. For a while all of us fell into silence. Then all of a sudden, a girl riding a skateboard cut through the crowd, breezy and elegant. My mom escaped her lips, “wow how relaxed she is!”


When I got back to Kyoto, I still couldn’t let go of the appearance of the skating girl or my mom’s wow. I have no idea about my fortune. But what I do know is that I will be older tomorrow than today, and that for sure I am always younger today than tomorrow. So I ordered a penny board and started to practice, following exercise videos on youtube. It’s true that I fall, as it’s true that I get myself hurt. But just those pains keep me feel that I am “alive”. Keeno said that was a typical quote of an insane patient. I’m ok to be insane a little bit. Life is short. I want to relax.

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